Aluclad windows

Aluclad windows have become very popular in the past few years and Bonmahon Joinery are delighted to be able to supply and fit these very versatile windows.

Aluclad windows are designed with an interior hardwood frame and finished with an aluminium outside creating a beautiful look. Alu Clad windows due to their outside aluminium finish offer a high weather resistant factor, yet offer a very pleasing finish to enhance your homes outside appearance.

Aluclad Windows Styles

Alu clad are actually wooden windows, which arc externally clad with aluminium. This provides our customers with the best of both worlds - the warm texture and atmosphere that timber extrudes inside with the low maintenance protective features and longevity of aluminium on the outside. You can have a modern, sleek look to the outside of your home while conserving the traditional look of timber on the inside.

Bonmahon joinery offer a variety of different styles of Alu Clad windows, different colours on both the wood and aluminium finish.

Aluclad Windows Benefits

Aluclad windows can be manufactured using the casement (outward opening) style and the tilt & turn (inward opening) style so you have plenty of choice. Colours too are limitless and these windows offer you super energy efficiency. These windows arc easy to operate and will provide you with a draught free and comfortable home.

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